The Adrenaline Rush II $4500.00

Dual Sport Equalizer   $1350.00


The Adrenaline Rush II is the original 360-degree, inflatable obstacle course, which offers six different combinations. Challenges are set up parallel to each other, making teams and competition ready to go. The center of the course takes players through pop ups and then to a double climb and slide for a photo finish. The left and right sides of the inflatable obstacle course begins with log obstacles, a rock climb with slide and a crawl to the finish through a tube. This bright and colorful obstacle course is sure to be a hit at your next event!

This unit is a huge money maker not only for rental (can be rented in 1, 2, or 3 pieces) but as a pay to play piece for a $1.00 per player as well.

The condition of this piece is a 9, with only slight wear along connecting eyelets. 3 blowers included.

34' L x 23' W x 14'H

This dual bungee sport game brings the excitement of both slam-dunk basketball & grid-iron football! Includes (2) bungee harnesses, (6) velcro batons, (4) mini basketballs and (1) 13' bungee cord.


This unit is a favorite.  It’s not only fun to play but even more fun to watch. The condition of this unit is an 8. The bungee cord is fairly new.  The center hole that houses the bungee cord is worn and should be replaced soon.  Can be easily ordered trough Cutting Edge Creations

Height 10'H x 10' W x 45' L




Joust Arena   $1200.00

2-Lane Bungee Run   $900.00


Made popular on TV's "American Gladiators", this competitive game pits two Gladiators doing battle against each other atop padded pedestals in an inflatable arena. Who will be the first to be knocked off balance and off their pedestal by a blow from their opponents foam padded joust pole!

Great interactive piece. The condition of this piece is a 9.  Comes with 3 sets of jousting poles. One solid pole is broken, easy to repair with pvc pipe. The padded poles 1 Adult set and 1 jr. set are worn but still in useable condition. The stoops are solid and will not break down.  The inflatable piece is in perfect condition with no worn spots or tears. Comes with one blower  and 4 helmets

25' L x 19' W x 5' H

This brightly-colored Wacky Bungee Run can withstand a LOT of repeated heavy use! 2-Lane Run includes (4) bungee harnesses and (2) 11' bungee cords. (4) batons


The Condition of this piece is a 7. The velcro is worn but still holds.  There has been a hole repaired at the back. The Bungee cords are fairly new.  Comes with 1 blower

9'H x 10'W x 32'L




Sumo Wrestlers   $650.00

Wacky Trike Racers  $350.00 each (4 available)


These are fun for ages 7 to adult. Their condition is rated a 7.

They have been used a lot but still have a lot of life left.  The Velcro is still super strong.    Comes with a mat and carrying bags for mat and suits. These suits do not have to be blown up

Riding one of these oversized tricycles is a blast (or a blast from the past). Racing along with 2-3 of your friends is a challenge. We'll set up a great raceway with our cones. Tricycles have comfortable seats, (It’s a crazier ride than you remember!) Great for Corporate Functions, Block Parties, College and School Events.

These are not your average trikes.  These are manufactured by Worksman specifically for the rental industry.  They are built to last for years and you can easily order replacement parts if necessary. I have never ordered any parts in the last 7 years. We have 1 red 1 yellow 1 green and 1 blue available












Toilet Racers   $2750.00  (all)

Toilet racers are a battery powered, ride-on motorized fun vehicle that can provide hours of fun at schools events, office parties, corporate events, youth group events and grad night parties. We think TOILET RACERS are the most wild and wacky interactive games on the market today! When you’ve got to go, why not try our Toilet Racers. Words alone can’t describe the hilarious laughter you will break into as you race your own Toilet Racer. Toilet race around your track at speeds up to 12 mph. Toilet Racers are always a 'BLAST' at any event and a real favorite with everyone, from kids to company directors!

What more can I say. These are the most popular item we have and are very rare to purchase. The condition is rated 8 out of 10 with no breakage only normal wear and tear.  Comes with 3 working and 1 for spare parts, manuals, battery chargers. Also a kit for making replacement tires

Gauntlet  $1600.00


The Gauntlet is a great interactive unit. Can play up to 11 players at the same time.  Helps to combat boredom in players waiting in line for their turn. This unit can be run wet or dry. Some minor repairs need to be completed for wet play.  This unit requires (2 )1 -½ horsepower blowers that are not included. The condition of this unit dry is an 8 and condition wet is a 7.

15"W x50" long approx








16' Wet & Dry Slide   $3400.00

Our New 16' Backyard Wet & Dry Slides can be used all year long. The 16' Dry Slide is perfect for backyard birthday parties or attach either the 10' pool module or 15' landing mattress to turn it into one incredibly fun water slide..

This unit is sold with a pool and  landing attachments for lots of versatility.  It is manufactured by e-inflatables, the top of the line manufacturers of inflatables. The condition is a 9 with only normal wear. It is sold with 1 blower and all stakes

28' L x 11' W x 16' H VIDEO





Excaliber Castle Combo   $1800.00

What a great alternative to a dunk tank.  Dunk tanks are hard to set up and take FOREVER to fill, and not to mention very unsanitary.  Balloon pitch is great because you can set it up in 5-10 minutes, let the customer fill their own balloons and away you go.  The way it works is very simple. You have someone sit in the tractor seat with a water balloon ( or confetti for indoor use) suspended above their head,  people line up across the way with tennis balls and throw them at the target, when hit, sends a nail breaking the balloon and someone is very wet. Easiest rental I have.

Our Lightweight Combos give you a "real" bounce area to play in. At 140 square feet, our bouncing area is much larger than some of our competitors combo units. We've also included a Basketball Hoop to give the kids another fun activity to do. Top that off with a 13' slide with a 50 degree sliding angle (even the 13 year olds will get a rush) and you've got yourself a sure winner!

Also and e-inflatable piece.  Condition is an 8 wit only normal wear. Sold with 1 blower and stakes

15' L x 15' W x 17' H    VIDEO

  images\video BOUNCE.mp4


Looney Tunes Jump  $1000.00

Wall-E 3D Jump   $950.00

This licensed Looney Tunes large jump brings the coolest and most modern styling in artistic jumpers to your next event. And will be a delight and surprise fans  Kids will Have a blast from the past in this cute licensed jumper. This one-of-a-kind jumper is part of a series of licensed Disney products. 

This bounce house has only been inflated indoors and is in very good condition.  Rated a 9.  Sold with 1 blower

14'8"L x 15'4" W x 15' H

This licensed Wall-E 3D large jump brings the coolest and most modern styling in artistic jumpers to your next event. Adorable, futuristic robot Wall-E will be delight and surprise fans with the amazing three-dimensional features of this unique jumper. Shy Wall-E is retracted into his safe cube space, allowing his hands and eyes to peek out at guests. Kids can imagine bouncing through space in this cute licensed jumper, helping Wall-E and EVE get the plant back to Earth. This one-of-a-kind jumper is part of a series of licensed Disney Wall-E products.

This bounce house makes a very “huge” impression when inflated.  At 18’ high the kids are always in awe. Condition is an 8 with only slight wear on one blower tube.  There are 3 blower tubes total.  Sold with 1 blower and stakes

14'8"L x 15'4" W x 18' H


Pop Up Jump  $1000.00

This large jump brings pop ups and small slide inclosed  just what you need for your little ones safe enjoyment.  Kids will Have a blast. 

This bounce house has only been inflated indoors.  The condition is a 9.  This picture is not exact but is very close.  Sold with 1 blower.

14'8"L x 15'4" W x 15' H



Hose Hockey   $475.00

This game is fun for everyone.  Can be played indoors or out.  Condition is a 9.  With only normal wear. The tubes are still in very good condition.  Comes with 2 balls and 1 blower





Pucker Powder  $850.00 + supplies

This is a fantastic MONEY MACHINE!  Great for rental or to take to any fair or like event.  Not only do the kids want pucker powder, you’ll have adults lining up too. This is a 12 flavor dispenser.  Very easy to operate and maintain.  I have everything you need to get started making money today.


Cruzin Cooler   $425.00

Just when you think you have seen it all, a battery powered cooler on wheels.  Every time I rode this in parades and at events heads would turn and people would always stop me to ask questions.  Great marketing tool  Ours is red and you can have a custom logo made to fit.  Comes with a new battery








Seesame Street Toddler   $2700.00

This large Play land brings pop ups and small slide enclosed just what you need for your little ones safe enjoyment.  Kids will Have a blast. 

This bounce house has only been inflated indoors.  The condition is a 9.  These and similar licensed toddler bouncers sell for $5595.00 new.  Sold with 1 blower.

14'8"L x 15'4" W x 7' H





Jacobs Ladder   $1200.00




This interactive is a big money maker not only for rental but for pay to play at large events as well.  Condition is a 9 with only normal wear and a brand new ladder




Pinata Stand   $125.00 each


This is a great addition to any rental.  When extended stands 12 feet tall.  Very easy to put up.  A much safer way to hang piñatas. We have 2 available






Inflatable Thrones    $150.00 each


These are a great add on to any rental.  Very easy to set up and take down.  Just what every child or adult needs to feel special on their day.  We have 2 available.  The condition of both are a 9.5.  this picture is not exact but very close.  Sold with 1 blower for each










LIMBO TO GO   $50.00

(no picture at this time)


This is exactly what it says.  A great add on to party rental.  Sets up in about 2 minutes.  Collapses to fit neatly in its bag for storage.